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05 February 2020 TIAS School for Business & Society 4 min read
What's it like to live and to study in The Netherlands as an international student? What cultural differences can you expect to experience and how can you overcome these contrasts? Hofstede's cultural dimensions model explains how and why cultures vary. In this blog, TIAS Full-time MScBA students Tiffany, Ruby and Yiqing from (respectively) Taiwan, Vietnam and China compare their cultures to...
04 December 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 2 min read
So you’re ready to take your career to the next level. Your dream is to land an international management position. You can see it now: a lucrative career perspective, the chance of starting a better life in Europe, and the possibility to provide financial support for your family. But is it too good to be true? Definitely not. Many others did exactly that, and kick-started their international...
achieving goals
15 May 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 2 min read
You’ve done your research and found a study program that’s a perfect match for your goals and ambitions. The next step is to convince your employer to grant you the time – and the funding – for your studies. When making your case, it’s important to focus on the potential benefits to your employer. You’ll want to emphasize how your studies will help your organization to grow and improve. We’ve...
08 May 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 1 min read
Most people strive to maintain a good balance between their jobs and their personal lives. But at the same time, nearly all of us struggle to actually achieve it. We want engaging, inspiring jobs, but also plenty of free time to enjoy life. So what’s the key to establishing a healthy work-life balance?
30 April 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 3 min read
Studying while working full time: impossible, right? Wrong. Too many people avoid continuing education because they’re convinced it’s “impossible”. Nothing could be further from the truth. But how exactly do you go about it? Read on for seven of our top tips.
24 April 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 2 min read
Being an expert in your field is something that every professional strives for. Not only is it satisfying when colleagues come to you for help, but positioning yourself as an expert is also a great way of creating value for yourself and your organization. But just how should you go about becoming an expert? Here are five tips to help you on your way.
Successful business woman working at the office
17 April 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 2 min read
Gamblers who talk to their dice in the hopes of influencing the outcome are an example of something known as the “illusion of control”. The inverse also exists, when people incorrectly believe that they are powerless to influence a given situation. Generally speaking, it’s helpful to believe in your own ability to influence matters. In fact, positive thinking can help you take your career to...
10 April 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 2 min read
The job market is changing at a rapid pace, and organizations are digitizing and computerizing like never before. To complicate things even further, a job in today’s world is no longer a job for life. How can you make sure that you remain relevant for the long term on the job market in spite of all these changes? Five tips to help you on your way.