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At TIAS School for Business and Society we teach from the idea that today's insights are not the solutions of tomorrow. That is why, in addition to transferring knowledge and skills, we emphasize the stimulation of a critical, curious approach. Ask other questions to know how it really works. Look for answers with an impact on organizations, business and society. TIAS is the business school of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology and has a broad portfolio of part-time masters, MBA courses, master classes and tailor-made solutions.
04 September 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 4 min read
One of the questions we frequently get asked by our international students, is ‘What are my options to stay in The Netherlands and to start my career here as a recent graduate?’ Below, you can find a short summary of the best options, but please consider that since visa rules and regulations are constantly changing, the IND (Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service) is the best adviser and...
annelot klaassen 1
22 August 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 2 min read
To all new students out there, congratulations on getting in at TIAS. I’m sure a very eventful year will be awaiting you! You’re probably already in the process of getting to know Utrecht, and studying away at the prep courses (If so, say hi to John Taylor for me). I remember the first weeks being very exciting and full of insecurities; there was just so much going on at the same time. If you...
08 August 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 1 min read
Prior to joining TIAS, I had been studying and working in Amsterdam for four years. Familiar with the Dutch life and educational system, I had no difficulty in choosing TIAS as the next destination. It distinguishes itself from other business schools with a unique academic curriculum, helpful career services and a top personal development program. Situated near the center of lovely Utrecht,...
01 August 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 2 min read
If you believe that the Netherlands is only synonymous to Van Gogh, coffee shops and tulips you are entirely mistaken: the university experience at TIAS School for Business and Society can completely change your initial idea and open a future full of opportunities. At TIAS you will find students from all over the world. We have 26 nationalities in our year of over 110 students.
Moyo Adenmosun 1
26 June 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 2 min read
In the spring of 2018, after I made the decision to apply to business schools in the Netherlands, I remember shortlisting business schools based on rankings and course content. I was attracted to TIAS, because of its unique specialization course offerings, in particular, Business Analytics. I was eventually convinced TIAS would be the right place for me thanks to Jess, the Admissions Manager,...
Viet Long Nguyen 1
20 June 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 2 min read
I have always dreamed of studying abroad since I was in secondary school. The feeling of going to a new place and experiencing a totally different culture has always been exciting for me. So naturally, I was super determined to have the opportunity to study abroad in my 20s. When I got to TIAS School for Business and Society, I fell in love with the community here. Having the chance to work...
19 June 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 1 min read
A blog post written by John Dortmans MSc MBA from The Netherlands | Executive MBA alumnus 2007-2009 Today 12,5 years ago, I started my career at Royal Agrifirm Group. During this 12,5 years I got the opportunity to develop myself from starting as a management trainee, to becoming a team leader, manager, country director, regional director and currently an Executive Committee member of a...
Full-time MScBA students - TIAS School for Business and Society
06 June 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 2 min read
Almost a year ago, I decided to apply for the MScBA course at TIAS. Since then, I have met so many interesting people and made many good friends. Overall, I am very happy with my decision to pursue this master; it’s packed full of interesting experiences and will ultimately support me in my future career.