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A year at TIAS: To all the new MScBA students

To all new students out there, congratulations on getting in at TIAS. I’m sure a very eventful year will be awaiting you! You’re probably already in the process of getting to know Utrecht, and studying away at the prep courses (If so, say hi to John Taylor for me). I remember the first weeks being very exciting and full of insecurities; there was just so much going on at the same time. If you feel that way, that’s completely okay. You will get used to this in no time! Believe me, you will discover that coming from completely different backgrounds will give you more advantages than you would expect.

As for me: my TIAS adventure is quickly coming to an end and honestly, this year was over before I knew it. It’s been a year full of hard work and I have to add; some weekends were spent without social life. That being said, I haven’t regretted it for a minute because what you get in return is extremely valuable, both personally as professionally. The amount of personal focus TIAS puts in its students is something that can’t be said about every business school. However, what you get is also based on the amount of effort you put into it.

During this year, you will get to know a lot of people from different cultures. You will be working closely with people from all over the world and you will be challenged to work together as a team. There will be times that you won’t be seeing eye to eye, but I guess that’s just what teamwork is and it’s all about your ability to manage your way around that, and to grow from these experiences.

annelot klaassen 1 en 2A Dutch, American, Vietnamese, Chinese and Frenchie walk into a bar… this was pretty much the reality for all my study groups. The first semester: my first study group eating lunch at Kimmade (can recommend, hence us sitting outside in coats)

This year does not only evolve around working together on a professional level. As a Dutchie myself, I do have my personal life here next to TIAS. However, I tried to balance this by also meeting with my peers outside of class as well. To all the Dutch students out there, I can really recommend you to get to know all the international people. To all the international students out there, I can really recommend you to get to know all the Dutch people (we are scary and tall but usually don’t bite). I’ll admit straight away: I have eaten some weird stuff, awkwardly misunderstood everyone and have been laughed at for my Dutch ways. So obviously, I fed everyone liquorice, taught them how to say ‘geslachtsgemeenschap’ and laughed even harder in return. Becoming (more) culturally aware is an extremely good asset to obtain, this will help you so much further in your professional life as well. This year at TIAS is giving you the chance to do exactly this; grab it and don’t waste it. I am extremely lucky to have met all these great people, I haven’t spent a single day without my friends.

annelot 3 en 4
My second semester: The actual studying part (I guess that’s important too) and my second study group on our study trip in Palermo

This blog was written by Full-time MScBA student Annelot Klaassen from The Netherlands.

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