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A year at TIAS: The sharing-side of TIAS

In 2018, after almost two years of working, I decided to change my future career and started searching for a business school. The extremely international and diverse environment at TIAS captivated my attention. More than twenty nationalities fused together in a unique Full-time Master. Studying here would open the doors for me to meet people from around the globe. This made me confident about embarking on a new journey in the Netherlands.

During both the Fundamental Courses and the Specialization Track we had been assigned two different and highly multicultural study groups. Furthermore, thanks to the Personal Career Development Program (PCDP) workshops, TIAS strengthened our skills in group dynamics and team building, facilitating our integration. These reinforced capabilities will certainly be valuable for our career in the future while working in a multicultural setting. In addition, the students’ diverse backgrounds pushed us to share our knowledge in different fields, helping each other in understanding the subjects better. However, with my new friends, I shared not only endless days – and nights – of study but also my free time.

Travelling around the Netherlands during weekends, we openly discussed differences and similarities in our cultures. During the evenings, we shared our traditional dishes, in some cases also with their parents! We celebrated our birthdays, the King’s day, and the end of courses.

Full-time MScBA students - TIAS School for Business and SocietyDinner with a team-member’s parents and some friends

All these experiences have honed me to become a better professional. Besides, I have grown to deeply understand and respect various cultures, their customs and their traditions. TIAS acted as a melting point of technical knowledge and cultural awareness, highlighting its commitment in both Business and Society. TIAS is an experience of a lifetime, and everyone should take a plunge to study here.
4This blog was written by Full-time MScBA student Giovanni Bortolussi (28) from Italy.

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