TIAS School for Business & Society 08 August 2019 2 min read

A year at TIAS: It feels too short!

Prior to joining TIAS, I had been studying and working in Amsterdam for four years. Familiar with the Dutch life and educational system, I had no difficulty in choosing TIAS as the next destination. It distinguishes itself from other business schools with a unique academic curriculum, helpful career services and a top personal development program. Situated near the center of lovely Utrecht, TIAS has offered me both a professional environment to grow and a student-friendly vibe to enjoy.

My learning curve has been rising greatly thanks to a rewarding curriculum. The year started off with general business management courses, followed by a specialization phase of my choice. Helpful counselling from TIAS' staff made it easier for me to choose a specialization that fits my interests and future career plan. Throughout the program, there were plenty of opportunities to work in teams and individually. The most interesting part for me was definitely to come up with and to pitch a business plan for social entrepreneurship.

Celebrating King's Day together with our professor and a policeman in the back as well!

My time at TIAS has been even more fulfilling thanks to wonderful classmates. Students with diverse study backgrounds and cultures have taught me to be more open-minded and adaptable. All my team members were from different countries with degrees in chemistry, construction management, banking and finance. Such a difference is a challenge and yet a great opportunity to learn new perspectives. As we progressed together in study, we also bonded outside class over drinks and chats. The most fun part must have been when the whole class of 50 students went out at the end of each course. In a lovely city as Utrecht, we never ran out of ideas for a nice place to go to.

Looking back, I truly appreciate the life-changing experiences TIAS has brought to me, both personally and professionally.

This blog was written by Full-time MScBA student Chi Vo (25) from Vietnam.

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