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17 October 2019 Freek Aertsen 3 min read
The Brexit quagmire and the volatile trade war between the United States and China: two prime examples of the ongoing economic and geopolitical uncertainty facing modern businesses. As a result of this uncertainty, supply chain disruptions are becoming increasingly common. In conditions like these, businesses with agile supply chains that can respond swiftly to changing circumstances have a...
15 October 2019 Joy van der Veer 3 min read
Financial data analytics has been a hot topic in the field of business valuation for some time now. But as more and more internal data from unlisted companies becomes available, analysis of the relationship between market data and internal data has really taken off. This type of analysis provides business valuation analysts with much clearer insights, ultimately resulting in a more accurate...
26 September 2019 Frans de Roon 2 min read
Within the world of finance, data analytics itself is nothing new. After all, financial analysts are accustomed to collecting and analyzing large data sets about things like stock prices and using them to generate predictions and risk assessments. What makes current developments in financial data analytics so different from everything that has come before is the advent of big data. Financial...
19 September 2019 Joy van der Veer 3 min read
In today’s ever-changing world, a realistic business valuation depends on more than just a quantitative analysis. More and more business valuation analysts are realizing that the way companies present themselves on the market can have a major impact on their future financial health, making it an important factor to consider during the business valuation process. For this reason, business...
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16 September 2019 Erik Beulen 2 min read
Organizations have a wealth of data at their disposal. But figuring out how to use this data to generate revenue and maximize profits is no easy task. Master Data Management can help your organization to achieve data maturity and get the most out of their untapped data gold mine.
12 September 2019 Frans de Roon 2 min read
The latest crop of up-and-coming fintech companies all have one thing in common: they’re forcing established financial service providers to operate on an entirely new playing field. Just what does fintech have in store for banks, asset managers, and finance professionals?
06 September 2019 Erik Beulen 3 min read
Working in the cloud has gone mainstream, but organizations are beginning to realize that cloud computing is far more than just a way of scaling up as needed. In fact, the new question on everyone’s lips is: How can I ensure that cloud resources are organized effectively so that they’re always available when needed? The answer: cloud orchestration.
05 September 2019 TIAS School for Business & Society 2 min read
Annelot Klaassen’s year as a Full-time MScBA student is nearly coming to an end. In her last blog, Annelot wrote about her experience at TIAS. In this blog, she wants to give the upcoming class of international MScBA students some practical tips on how to ‘’survive’’ the coming year.